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Annica Jevean-Dahlgren

During my almost 30 years of experience in alternative medicine, I have constantly been attending workshops and courses to be able to respond to all kind of demands and requests from my patients.


Certifications and education    Annica Jevean-Dahlgren

1992 Metamorphose Massage as per Robert St John, Agnès Favre Lausanne
1992 Colour balancing Aura Soma, Patricia Janus Genève
1992-1993 Reflexologist, Institut International de Réflexologie, Genève
1993-1994 Kinésiology, Vevey
1994 Graduation anatomy and physiology, Gaia Lausanne
1998 Treatments with colours in reflexology, Pauline Wills, Londres
1999-2002 Colour therapist, Institut de la Couleur, Genève
2003-2006 Graduation Nutrition Lausanne
2004-2005 Training and certification in cognitive behaviour Therapy at  Affortthec/ Cery,
Certification relaxations, meditations 
2005 Certification – Food intolerances and allergies with NAET, Amsterdam
2005 Certification Thermage anti-douleurs with diathermia, Tecar Orbe
2006-2008 Heart coherence practitioner trained by Dr. Charly Cungi
2008-2009 Ayurveda Oshaïa Morges
2010 Herbal medicine Laboratoires Fenioux Lausanne
2011 Ear reflexology/ puncture Rolle
2012 Training treating painful backs and necks Lausanne
2013 Reflexology asper Manzanares Morges
2014 Reflexologie et Aromathérapie Morges
2015-2016 Pain treatments - Trigger Points  treated with Moxa and ventouse


2017-2018 Emotional Freedom Technique


2019 Lymph Drainage on reflex zones