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Colour therapy - therapy by colours

Day light is the source of all life. By breaking down daylight as shown in the diagram, we get the all the colours of the rainbow. Each colour has its particular vibration and effect.

Colour exposure is made by coloured light directly on the body, or on specific acupuncture points and/or reflex zones.

Some colours, such as warm colours, increase the flow of energy, other colours, such as cold colours, slow down the flow. Neutral colours clean and drain while the mixed colours regenerate and feed body and mind.

Colour therapy restores energy imbalances and improves blood and energy flows, which is beneficial for all kinds of health problems. Colour and light treatments are successfully used to treat, sleeping disorders, seasonal affective disorders, depression and to reduce stress.

A personalized treatment is established through the diagnosis of a colour test that measures your way of looking at colours, your aversions and attractions.

This is a very powerful tool as the way you react to colours will reveal how and with which colour to treat.