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Diathermia treatments against pain and inflammation / Beauty Treatments with Diathermia

DSC 1371The diathermia treatments is also called Tecar in Italian spoken countries. This method increases the temperature within the tissue by creating an electromagnetic field of high frequency radio waves, which are totally harmless to the body.

By stimulating the blood circulation of the treated area, the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the area will increase. This has an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing pain. Diathermia or Tecar helps the body to eliminate water retentions, reduce fat and regenerate poorly irrigated areas of the body.

The variety of application of diathermia which actually regenerates all tissues, enables a wide range of treatments; it is simple and has immediate results.

It is recommended both for therapeutic use and beauty treatments.

Therapeutic treatments:

• Painful scars

• Joint pain, knees, hips, shoulders

• Back pain

• Muscle pain

• Disc hernia

• Oedema, water retentions

Beauty treatments:

• Cellulite

• Rosacea

• Firming Tissues

• Scar tissues

• Water retention

• Acne