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Av. Grammont 9, 1007 Lausanne



Espace Bien-Etre  was especially created for your well-being and opened in Ouchy 15 years ago.

We recently moved to new premices in Ouchy where we are surrounded by nature and a calm atmosphere, the institute is on top of that very easy to reach.

Treatments are given by a recognized therapist with almost 30 years of experience within the health care field and are reimbursed by most of Swiss complementary health insurance companies.

Thanks to the large field of existing tools in alternative medicine you may get treatments and personalized advice for your specific needs.

You can choose between relaxing massages or more deep therapeutic treatments. Specific treatments for detox are available like draining toxins in overcharged eliminatory organs.

Lymph drainages for blood circulation and water retention.

Reflexology which is one of the most helpful methods to detoxify your body, to stimulate digestion, elimination and circulation.

Colour and light therapy has been practiced here since many years and given good results in both digestion, sleeping disorders, seasonal affective disorders and stress.

Efficient treatments for painful backs, spines and legs are also one of our specialities, we work with ancient chinese medicine tools on trigger-points, like moxa and ventouses, which are extremely effecient.

Relaxation and stress management is a very important approach at Espace Bien-Etre. It is scientifically proven that over 90% of all diseases are due to stress.

Counselling in nutrition, food supplements and stress management important parts of health care are main concerns at Espace Bien-Etre

We can offer you many ways to relax and learn how to manage stress and overwhelming emotions. A big part of our daily work is to help people to manage emotions through heart coherence. A specific technique widely mentioned in the book "Healing" (« Guérir ») by David Servan Schreiber. Therapists were trained in this technique with the great specialist in stress management, Dr. Charly Cungi, a training reserved for health professionals.

Food allergies and intolerances can also be treated with the NAET method.