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Managing stress and emotions with Heart coherence

Stress is part of our daily life and is the main reason to many health problems, as much as 90% according to research. One of the most recognised methods in changing these habits is heart coherence; it has been experienced since a long time and is proven by research since 1991 by the Institute of Heart math.

coherenceWhen all various body functions; physiological, emotional, as well as cognitions (all managed by our autonomous nervous system) are synchronised, we are in so-called heart coherence. We are no longer under stress and any risk for pathologies linked to stress are considerably reduced. The capacity to solve problems and to learn are optimised when we are in heart coherence.

Based on Heartmath discoveries it is now possible for everybody to use these simple tools in our everyday life.

A software measuring the heart coherence, (i.e. the coherence of each heart beat called heart rate variability). You may visualise on a computer screen instantly the influence of the way you breathe and what kind of thoughts you have if you are in coherence or not. As soon as you get distracted or disturbed by negative thoughts, worries – which is the more normal way to function of our brain – in a few seconds the heart coherence decreases and chaos is taking over.

There are few approaches enabling you to learn to control and immediately realise your own physiology, your step by step progress on a computer screen.